Minecraft weekly #2

Last week, I talked about the first two steps to Minecraft success. Now you will learn about the settling and the starting of thriving.

The next step would be to settle your home. You could build it in a mountain or just on the land. I would recommend discounting fancy builds, and just build a wood and cobblestone hut with a basement, lit with torches. If you choose to make a mountain your home, just make a small hole in the side of it, light it up, and bam, you have a home. Now, you can make your cave home more comfortable, but that will be in a later step.

I’m going to assume that you have found a good spot to make your home. Once you build your home, I would recommend going out to either mine or collect materials on the surface. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the two options.

It gets you many much needed recourses, such as cobblestone, iron, and coal. Don’t go too deep right now, though. These recourses will help you in both adventures underground and on the surface.

Now for the disadvantages. The most nagging problem is the lack of food and materials from the overworld that you have probably used to make your house. With the food, you will probably end up eating rotten flesh, which poisons your hunger bar. Also, mining can be dangerous. One slip, and you could fall to your death or to lava. There could be anything around the corner, even a creeper waiting to blow you and your new materials to pieces. I would recommend staying away from mining and go for the latter choice, the surface.

Collecting materials on the surface

The advantages of this are obvious: during the day, no monsters will spawn on the surface, and you can sleep out the night. While it can become light again on the surface, only torches can solve the darkness in caves. Also, you can get good food, such as meat, and also collect seeds to make a farm. If you find an NPC village, then loot their crops and then replant them for later. Then, make sure you have enough to make your own farm.

The only disadvantage is that you are staying with stone tools and not moving up to iron. Also, you can’t get any armor better then leather, and anyways, Iron armor is much better.

These two steps are your steps to success. After one, do the other. These ARE from my own experiences in my minecraft survival, which I have been playing for two years. Due to updates, I DID transfer my world into another(I will talk about that later, so just don’t bother about it right now).

If you die, don’t panic. You are so early in the game that you are bound to start again and be ready again for this step within a few days. Panic could kill you again. YOU CAN TRY TO GET YOUR STUFF BACK, but if you chose to mine, don’t. Just start over again in that case.

This step is probably the biggest that early minecrafters will experience, and I would recommend trying to make this step worth something.


A history of English Kings(and queens), Pt.1

Most of you probably already know about the English monarchy, since it is still going on. In our age, Queen Elizabeth II is queen, and will be succeeded by Prince Charles soon. Most of you know about ‘bad’ king John, Henry VIII, and ‘evil’ Richard III, along with kings like Good queen Bess(Elizabeth I), Richard the Lionheart, and Alfred the great. With these monarchs, people keep putting the wrong faces on them, for example, Richard the Lionheart once massacred more than a thousand Turk POW(prisoners of war) in the holy land, and Richard III wasn’t terribly evil in they eyes of half of the country. In this series, you will learn the truth about the English monarchs.

The English monarchy truly started at the beginning of the Dark Ages. Once Rome left Britain to defend Italy, the British were left alone, without help defeating the Picts and other raiders. The British had no choice but to get other barbarians to help them; the Saxons. But it all went wrong. Once the Saxons got hold of some land, they decided to get more. Eventually, the Saxons had taken over more than half of England. They split up into different kingdoms, such as Northumberland and Mercia, each with its own ruler.

Eventually, the Vikings came and sized massive lands from the Saxons. After a few years, only one kingdom remained, Wessex. The king there, Alfred, was desperate for supplies and men. Over the winter, he spent his days in the marshes of southern England, planning to defeat Guthrum, the Viking conqueror. As soon as spring came, he started sending out raids on Guthrum’s Vikings, annoying them to no end.

Also, Alfred gathered other nobles in the region, urging them to join him. Soon later, Alfred formed an army to fight against the Vikings. He defeated them, taking huge amounts of land that was taken from the Saxons. Throughout his reign, Alfred worked on taking back land from the Vikings, creating a whole Saxon England, ruled by one king, Alfred the Great, as he was now called. Alfred’s successors continued his work, and eventually claimed Scotland as well, creating the First British Empire.

They were rising so high they were bound to fall, and it came in the form of the succession. In the mid 900s, a new king came to the throne. He became Ethelred the unready. There are many reasons why he was called the unready. First of all is that during his reign, Vikings came and took massive amounts of territory. He may have been unready for the invasion. Another reason comes from the saxon raed, meaning advice. If he was un-raed, he was given bad advice.

When the Vikings came, he paid them large amounts of silver and gold to go away. Naturally, the Vikings didn’t go away, since there was so much plunder if the Saxons could pay them that much. After a long fight, Ethelred fled and the Viking Sweyn took over, but he soon died. Ethelred came back, but also died soon. Sweyn’s son, Cnut, came back to take the throne.

Cnut made peace with England and the Vikings, effectively making one of the largest Viking empires ever. Since he traveled to Norway quite a bit, he left his Earls in charge of large parts of England while he was gone. When Cnut died, Edward, one of the descendants of Alfred the Great, took the throne. Little did Edward the Confessor, as he was called, would change the course of history.

Minecraft Weekly #1

This is the first minecraft weekly. In this blog post, I will be talking about the basics of survival, which will help many n00bs to get better at the game.

For a starter, you create a world. I suspect that you know how to create a new world. First of all, the ‘gamemode’ button needs to be at survival. Next, press the ‘create new world’ button, and there you go. If you want to name your world, just type in the name in the box that says ‘new world’ in it before you create the world. Once you create it, the survival starts.

There are many different methods of survival, but first of all there are two different modes that switch the way that you play the game. First of all, you can play on Peaceful, which means NO monsters and NO losing hunger. There are bosses, but you can’t get to them(Because there are no wither skeletons to get wither heads and no endermen to get ender pearls, which you have to combine with blaze powder to get an Eye of Ender, and there are no blazes,).

There is also easy, normal, and hard, which all have monsters and hunger(Important note; In peaceful, there are still non hostile mobs and some neutral mobs. In peaceful, dogs, cats, and Iron Golems are still there, but not Enderman or Zombie pigmen). I would recommend you starting at easy, because peaceful can get boring after a while, and normal and hard can drive you mad because the hunger bar goes down faster. Also, Cave Spiders poison you on normal and hard,). If you go on peaceful, I would recommend looking at another blog post, or maybe just look it up, since I am going to be talking about survival on easy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER choose hardcore as your gamemode instead of survival when you create your world, at least while you are not a good survivalist to the game. More notes will be about that in another blog post.

When you come in to the new world, start punching trees(I know it sounds dumb, but do it anyway,). This will give you wood, which you can craft by putting in your inventory. Once you craft these, you need to craft a workbench and sticks, and you can look up crafting recipes on the Minecraft Wiki. Once you have a crafting table, you need to craft a wood pickaxe. Once you have done this, dig down to get some stone. Once you have cobblestone(when you break stone, you get cobblestone, which is used for tools. Stone can be smelted back from cobblestone, but you cannot make tools out of it), Go ahead and craft some stone pickaxes, swords, and axes. If you find coal, get it, because you can use it to get torches.

At this time, you will probably be ready to explore. Get your crafting table and start exploring, and once it becomes night, make a quick shelter. If you can, find some food, but wait to mine in caves. NEVER stand outside and fight through the night. It is the best way to get killed. The best way to kill mobs is to make Murder Holes, shown by PaulsoaresJR.

After you have survived the night, I would get out and wander around a little more. This is the checklist that your home place NEEDS to have:

Nearby wood source*(1)

Nearby cave

Pasture of animals nearby, preferable animals are cows.

It cannot be in the middle of a desert,*(2)

*(1) If you have saplings, then this is not needed, but it is better to live near a forest or jungle.

*(2) If you find a desert village, then you can stay, but otherwise, go in to the desert, but don’t make your settlement there.

Here is a list of optional things:

Terrain(Such as mountains) That give you a natural barricade from monsters.

Huge cave system with many ores

Nice landscape


MOST IMPORTANT OPTIONAL THING: KITTIES NEARBY!(No, it isn’t, but It IS true that minecraft cats and kittens can be cute, but they take a lot of effort to tame,)

After this, you should be able to settle down and survive. No matter how long it takes you to find the necessary things, search for them. Until you can, set up a small hole in the ground to stay in during the night. These are your first two major steps in minecraft, which I call the Beginning(Getting tools and things), and the Searching(When you search for a home).

Minecraft: Hostile Mobs

Minecraft has many hostile mobs. these are creatures that attack you when you get close to them. There are twelve hostile mobs (Not counting the bosses, the Enderdragon and the Wither). Your primary goal is to kill these mobs. Hostile mobs to not show up if your difficulty is on peaceful. The damage that these creatures to depends on your difficulty.

Overworld Hostile Mobs.


Zombies are the basic mob. They have a melee attack and move slower than the player. they have 10 hearts (Just like the player). Zombies drop Rotten Flesh, but sometimes they drop Iron swords, Iron shovels, Iron armor, or Iron Ingots. They are the most common mob. Zombies burn up in sunlight. They are easy to take care of as long as you don’t let them gather into a group!


Creepers are one of the most frustrating mobs to fight. They move about as fast as the player and have 10 heart. Creepers drop gunpowder, The only mob, other than the Ghast, to drop it in Minecraft. Creepers will blow up if you get too close to them. The worst about them is that while they sneak up on you, they are silent. You must remember to look out for creepers. They don’t burn in daylight!


Skeletons are the only mobs in the overworld that can attack from long distances. They have as much health as the player. Skeletons normally drop bones and arrows, but sometimes they drop bows. One out of five of those bows will be enchanted. Skeletons burn up in daylight. They attack with bows and are a nightmare to battle in the open, where there is no cover!


Spiders are the most agile of the mobs. They have eight hearts. they drop string and Spider eyes upon death. Spiders attack either by straight-on attacking you or they will attack you with a jump attack. They are the only mobs that can climb walls. They do not burn up in daylight, but unlike the creeper they become neutral. They can be dangerous because of how fast and sneaky they are!

Cave spiders;

Cave spiders are exactly like spiders except a little smaller, making them less dangerous than normal spiders in hit damage. But Cave spiders still have a different kind of size advantage. Cave spiders poison players, making their small bodies useful to keep hidden from the player. They are only found in Abandoned Mineshafts.

Spider Jockey;

Spider Jockeys are Skeletons riding Spiders. Having range and melee attacks, they are one of the most dangerous mobs. Although they rarely spawn, it is dangerous to face them!


Silverfish are only found in Strongholds, which are found underground. There are only three Strongholds, so these creatures are quite rare. They look like small silver hedgehogs that wiggle on the ground. In Strongholds, they are found in two different forms: Spawner and Block. The Spawner is near the End Portal in the Stronghold, while the Blocks are scattered along the Stronghold, in the shape of the Stronghold’s natural blocks(Mossy stone brick, Stone brick, and cracked stone brick), but when you destroy the blocks, a Silverfish springs out instead of a drop. This is because Silverfish are the only mob to be able to ‘eat’ their way into blocks. Besides hiding in them, they can also destroy blocks. The most dangerous part of silverfish is in the End Portal room. The silverfish spawners spawn the Silverfish, and then they attack you. When you attack a silverfish, the other silverfish in the blocks will come out and attack you. Since the End Portal Room has lava in it, watch out in case the lava is released by emerging Silverfish!(It is not advised to get near them UNLESS you are trying to go to the end, since they drop nothing)

Witch:(Witch Witch?)

Witches are probably the rarest hostile mob in Minecraft. First of all, they can only be found in Witch Huts, which are inside swamp biomes. Witches drop a range of things, from glass bottles to potions of regeneration. Potions are rare to get, but there are still common drops that can be useful, such as glowstone. Witches throw many different bad potions at you, but along with that, they also drink good potions!


Slimes are only found underground near bedrock. They are a rare sight, so if you see one and some diamonds, both in different directions, go for the slime instead and get the diamonds later. They are cubes of, what looks like, green jelly. They will hop around, trying to attack the player, but they are very easy to defeat. There is one thing about the slime that is only shared by its cousin, the magma cube; after death, they divide into four smaller slimes. There are a few sizes of slimes, known as the large, medium, and small slimes. The large splits up into mediums, and the mediums split up into smalls. When you kill a small, you have a chance to get Slimeballs. After a while, though, slimes will grow larger, so it is suggested to keep your baby slimes alive and make more. Then, once they grow, you can kill them again and start the process all over.(If you only find one large slime, it is recommended that you kill half of the baby slimes out of it, and keep the rest for enlarging.)

Nether hostile mobs: Note: DO NOT COUNT ZOMBIE PIGMEN! They are neutral mobs, since they will only attack if attacked.

Magma cubes:

Magma cubes are much like slimes, but have a few different features. The first is the drop. They will drop Magma Cream instead of Slimeballs, making Magma cubes more useful than Slimes in a sense. Getting the drop is harder, though. You don’t get the drop from smalls, but instead get them from mediums. There is not a high chance of one dropping a magma cream, so I would recommend sticking to using slimeballs and Blaze Powder to get magma cream. They magma creams do have extremely cool features, though. When they jump, it shows a hot magma core inside of them. (As an FYI, they are my second favorite mob in minecraft,)


Ghasts are one of the only fling mobs in minecraft. They shoot fireballs at they player, and as well as doing damage, they also set you on fire often. They are one of the largest mobs in Minecraft. Once you kill them, they will drop Gunpowder and Ghast tears. You can also bat back their fireballs at them, but don’t rely on that! One day it won’t work!

Wither Skeleton:

These skeletons are like the skeleton on the surface, and spawn with the regular skeletons in the Nether. They drop bones, coal, Stone Swords, and, the rarest and one of the best mob drops of all, the Wither Skull. They have stone swords to attack you with, but their deadliest effect is the Wither. It is like poison, but it can kill you. Poison cannot kill you, instead bringing you to half a heart. Wither can kill you, along with a terrifying effect; when you have the Wither effect, you cannot see your health as well. Watch out for these terrors!


Blaze is probably the hardest mob in the Nether. They are only found in Nether Fortresses. They hover in mid-air, but don’t be mistaken, since they can also fly. They look like fiery demons. They fire fireballs, but fire them like a shotgun, making it hard to avoid their attacks. They also hurt you if you are touched by one. They drop Blaze Rods.

These are all the hostile mobs in minecraft, besides the bosses!


I have not written for about a year, which you know if you look at my blog. I have some new updates:

I won NaNoWrimo 2012! My new book is 20,000 words, while my old one was only 10,000. Right now I am working on editing it.

I will be making regular blog posts: five a month.

Some things will be coming back: The Revolutionary war will be, but the poems won’t.

LARGE CHANGE! I will be making two new series. For you out there who like to play Minecraft, I will be posting a Minecraft weekly, which is not part of the five a month. This will start in February.  The second series is going to be called The French and Indian War(You can guess what it is going to be about from there).

My Goal is to get 6,000 views by July!(If not that, then by the end of the year 10,000,)

This blog is back in business!(In February. Right now i am busy editing my second story for NaNoWriMo)

The Revolutionary War, Pt. 4. These are the times that try men’s souls. pt. 1

After Bunker Hill, the Continental Congress knew it had to act. It got right to work creating a Continental Army. John Adams, the always outspoken member of Congress, said that there would have to be a leader for this army chosen immediately. Adams’ choice was shocking. He announced a quiet member of Congress, George Washington, as the commander-in-chief of this new army.

Three days later, Washington took his first look at the army he now commanded. It was horrible. The 1,600 soldiers had no discipline, only limited amounts of food, clothing, and musket balls, and they had no training. The worst thing was that most of them had only signed up for a year. As soon as his soldiers would be ready to fight, Washington would get a new batch of recruits.

When the British got the news of a new Continental Army, they were furious. Not only had the colonists disobeyed the king’s orders, but now they had created an army to attack Great Britain. George III decided to sent 1,000 Grenadiers, the elite soldiers in the British Army, to help Howe crush the rebellion. Howe already had almost 5,000 regulars and was ready to crush the colonies. Howe knew that Washington had less experience than him, and that British soldiers had the best discipline and training in the world , but he still harbored doubts. In the area, there were almost 30,000 militia. There were only 1,600 Continentals, but by new year there were almost 14,000 of them. Howe was surrounded.

Meanwhile Washington got ready to attack Boston with his large army. Four months earlier, a very important man had stepped onto the stage; Benedict Arnold (see more about Arnold in my post The Life of Benedict Arnold). He stepped onto the stage when he helped Ethan Allen capture Fort Ticonderoga, but Arnold had gotten no credit for the victory. In December a former bookseller named Colonel Henry Knox dragged Fort Ticonderoga’s 70 cannon from the fort all the way to headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There Washington received the cannon, all of which were intact. Now Washington had what it would take to take Boston.

Early in 1776, Washington organized 2,500 men, along with half of Knox’s cannon, to go up to Dorchester Heights. At night they reached the heights. By dawn, they had all their cannon and trench systems set up. The British were stunned. When Howe woke up and saw the cannons on Dorchester Heights aiming down on Boston, he exclaimed “The Rebels have done something overnight that my soldiers couldn’t to in one month,”.

Just two weeks later, the British evacuated Boston, along with 4000 loyalists. John Burgoyne, who came to America with Howe and Clinton, decided to leave for Britain. Howe, however, started planning an attack. He decided he would leave behind Boston, and head for New York in the summer.

Meanwhile, Washington celebrated the first victory of his career. The war looked as if it would end by Christmas, but unknown to Washington, this would be his last victory in the year. 1776 would see 35,000 Redcoats, the largest sea campaign ever to happen until WWI.