In reading my blog posts, you probably know that I like history. It has been my favorite topic for many years, and in those years I have written about different points in history. My blog has a range of history, from Roman and Greek battles to the Revolutionary war. This history is for all people, not only the young. All of my history blogs are researched on websites linked from Wikipedia pages(Such as in my Monarchy, I looked up Cnut the Great. It came up with Wikipedia, so i clicked on it and scrolled down to the bottom. Once I find good sources linked at the bottom, I start writing my blog,).

My view on history is not to cover someone in glory, but at the same time not to only show his bad side. I think that both sides of a human are important, and that we should study their mistakes and learn from them. Also, we should study their success and wonder “why did this work? And why did he do it?”. Now, we have much more knowledge about history then we did twenty years ago. Time will improve are knowledge of history, and I hope that people will study this new history. (I do self-teach myself with history books that I find and firm online sources,)

I may post updates of history in the meantime, such as new discoveries, on this page.


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