About Me

I’m a homeschooled 11 and a half years old boy and I play piano. I started my blog because I wanted to write more(Like tape to paper). I have one brother who is 15 and another brother who is about 2.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Joanne Grech (Ms. Joanne)

    Hi, Aaron. I enjoyed reading your history report about Alexander the Great and his many courageous battles. Funny, the only factoid I seem to remember from school about the might Alexander was that he had a horse Bucephalis or Buchephalus (whatever). ANyhoo, during one of the battles, the horse was wounded and died. Apparently, Alexander had ridden his beloved into every one of his battles, so when it died he was grief-stricken. I THINK Alexander founded a city which he named in honor of his horse.

    Okerdoker dokie, I hope all is well. I look forward to seeing your cute little face when I have the lazy days of summer on my side which is quite soon. Tell your mumma I said HELLO!
    Ms. Joanne


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