Minecraft weekly #4(Along with Blog information!)

Blog Info:

If you are waiting for other Blog posts, it is because I am quite busy right now. I do have a few pre made Blog posts that I will release over time.

Minecraft weekly:

In this fourth step, I am expecting that you have Diamonds and other rare things, along with basic stuff. First step to this new age is to gather these supplies:(a Stack means 64 of an item)

Diamond tools

Iron armor

stack of wood.

Stack of coal

two stacks of Cobblestone

stack of torches

Stack of Iron

Spare diamonds

Emeralds(If you find any. I don’t expect you to find them, so this is optional)

Whatever else you want to take!

Once you have these items in your inventory, make sure that you have a chest with some backup items in it back at your home. Also, if you have spare diamonds, don’t take many, just three(In case you need another pickaxe).

If you have an Enchantment table and(Optional) bookshelves, place the bookshelves in a square one block away from the Enchantment table. There has to be nothing between the Enchantment table and the Bookshelves except for the air. There HAS to be a one block space, or it will not work. Now you may be asking me “Why are you telling me to do this?”. This is because NOW you have the highest enchantment levels.

Enchanting is a complicated system, and today I am not going to tell you about it. Just keep with it for right now, but don’t use your enchantment table yet. Now you are ready to go on an adventure. Go wherever you want, but try not to die. You could go into more caves, explore the overworld, or even make a new home. ALWAYS remember where your old home is, though, because it is a nightmare to get lost.

The next step isn’t really a step, it is more of an age. At the beginning of the last age, you would have thought that everything is complete. It isn’t. In the next Minecraft weekly, I will talk about all the new adventures that are waiting for you when you get back from your final adventure in the older age.


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