Minecraft weekly #3

So far, we’ve gotten a good start to minecraft; A home, good tools, building blocks, and food. If you just want to do that for the rest of your minecrafting days, then from this point on, these blog posts will be useless for you. If you want to go farther, and explore the dangerous and uncharted parts of minecraft and get even better upgrades, then these are for you. This section will tell about mining, and what you get when you go deeper.

First of all, you need to mass up supplies, such as food, iron, wood, coal, and, oddly enough, a bucket of water. The water is for in case you run in to lava, so when that happens, just right click while holding the bucket of water when you get out of the lava, and bam, you’re not on fire any longer.

Unlike last time, go AS DEEP AS POSSIBLE, and ALWAYS start from a cave. They can be time and material savers, though you could get blown up. Once you get deep, four different ores will appear along with the ones that you have already seen; these are Gold, Redstone, Lapis, and Diamond. If you are under a mountain biome, you can find Emeralds too. All of these ores must be broken with a iron pickaxe.

Gold ore will look like all the other ores, except with yellow spots instead of black(Coal) or rust(Iron) spots. You have to smelt gold. It is used to make strong tools that last about as long as wood, so don’t use gold for tools(Same with the armor). You could use it to make a clock or powered rails. I usually just keep it in a chest. Like Iron, you can make it into a block and place it.

Redstone is an ore that has red spots on it. It does not need to be smelted, and will drop more then one piece of redstone dust when you break it. YOU CANNOT USE IT FOR TOOLS, it is used mostly for redstone creations. Redstone is like a wire used to carry electricity in your house, and can turn on different things. It does need something to turn it on, though. Redstone blocks are newly added into the game, and are used in redstone circuits.

Lapis is very much like redstone, but have a few major differences. First of all, Lapis has dark blue spots on its ore. Second of all, it isn’t used for redstone circuits; it is used for dyeing things blue. You can make it into a block.

Diamonds are the best of all. They have light blue spots on their ore, and drop one diamond that does not need smelting. These diamonds create the best, most durable tools and armor around. Diamonds are very rare, though. Just like everything else, they can be made into a block. They are also used in other items, such as Enchanting tables and jukeboxes.

Emeralds are like diamonds, except the only use of them is to trade with villagers. They also have green spots on their ore. This ore is the rarest. They can be made into blocks.


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