Minecraft: Hostile Mobs

Minecraft has many hostile mobs. these are creatures that attack you when you get close to them. There are twelve hostile mobs (Not counting the bosses, the Enderdragon and the Wither). Your primary goal is to kill these mobs. Hostile mobs to not show up if your difficulty is on peaceful. The damage that these creatures to depends on your difficulty.

Overworld Hostile Mobs.


Zombies are the basic mob. They have a melee attack and move slower than the player. they have 10 hearts (Just like the player). Zombies drop Rotten Flesh, but sometimes they drop Iron swords, Iron shovels, Iron armor, or Iron Ingots. They are the most common mob. Zombies burn up in sunlight. They are easy to take care of as long as you don’t let them gather into a group!


Creepers are one of the most frustrating mobs to fight. They move about as fast as the player and have 10 heart. Creepers drop gunpowder, The only mob, other than the Ghast, to drop it in Minecraft. Creepers will blow up if you get too close to them. The worst about them is that while they sneak up on you, they are silent. You must remember to look out for creepers. They don’t burn in daylight!


Skeletons are the only mobs in the overworld that can attack from long distances. They have as much health as the player. Skeletons normally drop bones and arrows, but sometimes they drop bows. One out of five of those bows will be enchanted. Skeletons burn up in daylight. They attack with bows and are a nightmare to battle in the open, where there is no cover!


Spiders are the most agile of the mobs. They have eight hearts. they drop string and Spider eyes upon death. Spiders attack either by straight-on attacking you or they will attack you with a jump attack. They are the only mobs that can climb walls. They do not burn up in daylight, but unlike the creeper they become neutral. They can be dangerous because of how fast and sneaky they are!

Cave spiders;

Cave spiders are exactly like spiders except a little smaller, making them less dangerous than normal spiders in hit damage. But Cave spiders still have a different kind of size advantage. Cave spiders poison players, making their small bodies useful to keep hidden from the player. They are only found in Abandoned Mineshafts.

Spider Jockey;

Spider Jockeys are Skeletons riding Spiders. Having range and melee attacks, they are one of the most dangerous mobs. Although they rarely spawn, it is dangerous to face them!


Silverfish are only found in Strongholds, which are found underground. There are only three Strongholds, so these creatures are quite rare. They look like small silver hedgehogs that wiggle on the ground. In Strongholds, they are found in two different forms: Spawner and Block. The Spawner is near the End Portal in the Stronghold, while the Blocks are scattered along the Stronghold, in the shape of the Stronghold’s natural blocks(Mossy stone brick, Stone brick, and cracked stone brick), but when you destroy the blocks, a Silverfish springs out instead of a drop. This is because Silverfish are the only mob to be able to ‘eat’ their way into blocks. Besides hiding in them, they can also destroy blocks. The most dangerous part of silverfish is in the End Portal room. The silverfish spawners spawn the Silverfish, and then they attack you. When you attack a silverfish, the other silverfish in the blocks will come out and attack you. Since the End Portal Room has lava in it, watch out in case the lava is released by emerging Silverfish!(It is not advised to get near them UNLESS you are trying to go to the end, since they drop nothing)

Witch:(Witch Witch?)

Witches are probably the rarest hostile mob in Minecraft. First of all, they can only be found in Witch Huts, which are inside swamp biomes. Witches drop a range of things, from glass bottles to potions of regeneration. Potions are rare to get, but there are still common drops that can be useful, such as glowstone. Witches throw many different bad potions at you, but along with that, they also drink good potions!


Slimes are only found underground near bedrock. They are a rare sight, so if you see one and some diamonds, both in different directions, go for the slime instead and get the diamonds later. They are cubes of, what looks like, green jelly. They will hop around, trying to attack the player, but they are very easy to defeat. There is one thing about the slime that is only shared by its cousin, the magma cube; after death, they divide into four smaller slimes. There are a few sizes of slimes, known as the large, medium, and small slimes. The large splits up into mediums, and the mediums split up into smalls. When you kill a small, you have a chance to get Slimeballs. After a while, though, slimes will grow larger, so it is suggested to keep your baby slimes alive and make more. Then, once they grow, you can kill them again and start the process all over.(If you only find one large slime, it is recommended that you kill half of the baby slimes out of it, and keep the rest for enlarging.)

Nether hostile mobs: Note: DO NOT COUNT ZOMBIE PIGMEN! They are neutral mobs, since they will only attack if attacked.

Magma cubes:

Magma cubes are much like slimes, but have a few different features. The first is the drop. They will drop Magma Cream instead of Slimeballs, making Magma cubes more useful than Slimes in a sense. Getting the drop is harder, though. You don’t get the drop from smalls, but instead get them from mediums. There is not a high chance of one dropping a magma cream, so I would recommend sticking to using slimeballs and Blaze Powder to get magma cream. They magma creams do have extremely cool features, though. When they jump, it shows a hot magma core inside of them. (As an FYI, they are my second favorite mob in minecraft,)


Ghasts are one of the only fling mobs in minecraft. They shoot fireballs at they player, and as well as doing damage, they also set you on fire often. They are one of the largest mobs in Minecraft. Once you kill them, they will drop Gunpowder and Ghast tears. You can also bat back their fireballs at them, but don’t rely on that! One day it won’t work!

Wither Skeleton:

These skeletons are like the skeleton on the surface, and spawn with the regular skeletons in the Nether. They drop bones, coal, Stone Swords, and, the rarest and one of the best mob drops of all, the Wither Skull. They have stone swords to attack you with, but their deadliest effect is the Wither. It is like poison, but it can kill you. Poison cannot kill you, instead bringing you to half a heart. Wither can kill you, along with a terrifying effect; when you have the Wither effect, you cannot see your health as well. Watch out for these terrors!


Blaze is probably the hardest mob in the Nether. They are only found in Nether Fortresses. They hover in mid-air, but don’t be mistaken, since they can also fly. They look like fiery demons. They fire fireballs, but fire them like a shotgun, making it hard to avoid their attacks. They also hurt you if you are touched by one. They drop Blaze Rods.

These are all the hostile mobs in minecraft, besides the bosses!


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