I have not written for about a year, which you know if you look at my blog. I have some new updates:

I won NaNoWrimo 2012! My new book is 20,000 words, while my old one was only 10,000. Right now I am working on editing it.

I will be making regular blog posts: five a month.

Some things will be coming back: The Revolutionary war will be, but the poems won’t.

LARGE CHANGE! I will be making two new series. For you out there who like to play Minecraft, I will be posting a Minecraft weekly, which is not part of the five a month. This will start in February.  The second series is going to be called The French and Indian War(You can guess what it is going to be about from there).

My Goal is to get 6,000 views by July!(If not that, then by the end of the year 10,000,)

This blog is back in business!(In February. Right now i am busy editing my second story for NaNoWriMo)


2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Barbara Miller

    Bertram’s Blog has returned! I look forward to reading about the French and Indian War and your poetry. I’m not so interested in Minecraft. Your blogs have been missed.


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