Different poems, and description of a made-up character

Poem 1

There was once lake

that had a big cake

And there was a bone

with a loud moan

and there was a cat

who sat on a mat

and many fish

who had a dish

and a dog

who was a big hog

And some men

who counted to ten

Poem 2

There was a moat

With a big boat

Along with some fish

who ate out of a dish

And also a shark

who made a loud bark

and three cats

who thought they had hats

and there were three people

who thought that they were all equal

Poem 3 (Haiku)

The cat and the mouse

In and around the big house

were chased by a dog

Description of a made-up character

Hojo lumps around in the field near the deer. He settles down between two trees in the middle of the field, only 10 feet away from the deer. He calls the rest of his family to show them the deer. He tells them that if they are going to hunt them, they can’t hunt them near him. He closes his eyes for a mid day nap, waiting for a feast of deer.


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