A new interest

I have a new interest: Magic the gathering. Magic the gathering (or MTG ) is a card game that started in 1993, and the company is still making new cards. MTG involves two or more people. People trade cards, build decks, and play the game that goes with it. For MTG you need to have cards and someone to play with. You are one of the many plainswalkers, a powerful group of mages (people who use magic) who summon mighty monsters using mana. Planswalker means that you have walked many lands. Your deck is a collection of places you have seen, creatures you have battled, and spells you have seen.

There are only a few rules: at the beginning of the game, you draw seven cards. Each turn you draw another card. You have 20 life, and you win by getting the other person down to zero. The cards tell you the rest.

Players can’t have a card game without cards.The most common card is the creature card. Creatures can be humans, beasts, or even wolves. Creatures are the only cards that can do damage to another player. A different kind of card is a sorcery. A sorcery is a spell that goes into the graveyard. The sorcery can do things like draw three cards, or it can do things like destroy target creature. The most common sorcery is the instant. Unlike sorceries and creatures, the instant can be played anytime, while you can only play other kinds of cards on your turn. Another kind of card is the land. The land does not cost mana but makes mana. Land is the heart of the deck. A deck is not a deck unless it has lands. A deck in all is made up of about 24 creatures, 24 lands, and 12 spells. Mana is the true power. It can be used to summon powerful creatures or mighty sorceries.

Mana is a magic source of power. A plainswalker can not do anything with out mana. It flows from magical mountains, forests, plains, swamps, and islands. The player (or the plainswalker) has to pay a mana cost on the card, or else he cannot play the card.

The next step towards playing MTG is learning the parts of the turn. The player starts his turn with the upkeep. The upkeep  is when the player draws a card. After the upkeep, there is the main phase. In this main phase, the player plays a land if he has one. If the player has enough mana to cast something in his hand. After the main step, there is the climax of the turn. The player attacks. If that player have no creatures (or if he don’t want to),  he skips the attack phase. After the attack phase, the player can do anything that he could do in his main phase. Then is the end. It is the other player gets a turn then, going through all the phases that the other player went through. The game goes in circles around the two or more players turns.

Magic the gathering is not a complicated card game, but a simple game where people follow what the cards, along with a few rules, to lead them to victory.


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