Cinder and the Rats

One day, Cinder went over to the barn. There was a weird smell that she did not know. A barn cat, she usually knew every scent on the farm, but she did not know the strange scent in the barn. She said to herself, “Something here is not right,” and she walked back to her nest.

The next day the strange scent was everywhere. She asked her friend Smokey if he knew what the scent was.

“The scent is of a rat clan, and they can kill almost anything, but only if they want to,” he told her gravely. “There is one way the defeat the rats, but it involves a trap so complicated so that even the smartest living thing can not catch them in their homes.” He sounded like there was no hope of living in the barn.

Half a year later Cinder had met a cat called Lion, and they had had kits. Now, Cinder was busy with her three kits. Lion was also worried about the rats, but he did not want to deal with them, so he had dug a tunnel for himself, Cinder, Cinder’s kits, and Smokey the elder. Lion said, “Cinder, the rats are getting to be a problem, and I think…”  Before he could finish, a rat burst in to the hole and attacked Smokey. Before the rat could reach him, Smokey’s older sister, Holly, jumped in front and used herself as a shield to protect her brother. The rat struck the older cat’s neck and Holly cried, but it was drowned out by the sound of Lion attacking the rat. Lion gave the rat no chance to move, and he unsheathed his claws and hit the rat. Lion meowed in triumph, but when he found out that Holly was dead, his head drooped down in despair for his mother.

The next day Lion gathered a group of eight cats and planed his assault on the rats. His top cat, Tiger, was his brother. Cinder had left her kits with the older cats, so she could take part in the fighting, but she did not know that she would be the only cat to face danger. They planned a three part pincer attack, but they could not rely of their strategy alone. They spotted the enemy, they heard the battle cry, it was time.

“ATTACK!!!”The cats surged forward. The battle was short, but at the last moment Smokey, too old for battle, fell at the hands of the leading rat.  While that was happening, Cinder struck the leader of the rats in the heart. The rat fell to the bloody ground, dead.

The rats fled, and they were not seen again. Cinder’s kittens grew in to good cats, and Red, the biggest of the litter, became the leader of them. Cinder had completed what she thought would be impossible.


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