What has Changed with Bert and His Siblings

Jack at 7 weeks

My kittens have gotten bigger and are eating food. Bert is a lot bigger than he was before. Bert also growls at his sibs and drags my sock around the house, but this morning…

Jill, the sister of Bert, was eating dry food with Bert and growled at Bert and smacked him with her paw. Jill is very grown up , and Jack, the brother of Bert, has attacked his mom and did not end up in a good  position because mama won the fight. Bridget , the other sister of Bert, was eating a lot of food last night, and likes to play in the litter box ( same thing with all of them).

Mama cat does not like them being more independent and wants to nurse a lot. Now she play fights with her kittens.Mama is a bit fat.

So in all the kittens are doing well, and mama is doing okay.

Bertram at 7 weeks


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