Mama Cat and Her Life at My House

Saphira and her kittens

Mama ( or Saphira ) is the mother of Jack, Jill, Bridget and Bertram. Mama is also a full-time eater. She eats a lot of food each day ( which makes her kind of stinky ). We found out that she likes those little cat treats. Her kittens are not weaned yet but in a few weeks they will be eating they will be eating hard food. They are going to be weaned soon so they will have to eat dry food.

Three days after we got her she was eager to escape but now she can go anywhere in the house that she wants to go. But she can’t go into our bedrooms, because when the kittens got older mama started to move them around by the scruff.  Mama used to carry them to my bed, and once we found two in my room. After about two or three weeks she stopped moving them by the scruff.

Mama is a nice cat to be with, just remember not to go near her when she going to go to the bathroom!



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