My Interests


These are creepers

I am interested in lots of different things but my main interest is Star Wars Miniatures. Star wars miniatures are Star Wars figures with stat cards to play a game. The goal of the game is to wipe out the enemy. You win by rolling a 20 sided dice and  subtract the attack from the defense, this might happen. A attacker has an attack of 11 and the defender’s defense  is 21. The attacker roles the 20 sided dice and ends up with a 12, he hit and did damage to the defender.


A other main interest that I have is minecraft. Minecraft is a game where you try to survive. You also try to survive against monsters like spiders or skeletons. But the main monster is the Creeper. Creepers blow up when you get to close and are all green. Minecraft is a computer game and is one of the best I have found. The survival game is not normal. For example if you hit a cow with a sword it will give you leather, and if you hit it with a bucket it will give you milk. Other than that things hang in mid air, it is a good game.

Other interests that I have are soccer and scootering, but besides that I have no others.


One thought on “My Interests

  1. C's mom

    Thanks for writing your blog. You are an excellent writer. My son is the same age as you and you have a lot in common. He too loves Minecraft more than just about anything (except maybe Terraria). His older brother is trying to get him into MtG, so far without success. Maybe I will point him to your blog.


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