Bertram and his siblings

Bertram and his siblings sleeping (4 days old)

Bertram (or Bert for short ) is one of my kittens. He does not have a tail, but he is a very fast runner. He has one brother and two sisters. Bert is 5 weeks when I am writing this post. We got him when he was 4 days old. Bert has a mother named Saphira, or mama for short. Bert has ben growing every day and night. His brother ( Jack) and his sisters ( Jill and Bridget ) are very busy especially his Siamese sister Bridget. Bridget is a trouble maker, a wrestler, and a strong kitten. She fights with her siblings at least 2 hours a day, and is very pushy about how much milk she gets a day from her mom.

Jack and Jill are also cute kittens. Jack is very friendly to be around and will be very nice when held. Jack is one of the biggest of our cats ( bridget is the biggest ). Jill is the most friendly and will go to sleep in your arms. Jill escapes from the area which they are suppose to stay in ( which is our main bathroom). A lot of the kittens escape from where they’re supposed to be but we find them.


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